Personal Training Plan

for you and your dog

An unbalanced exercise routine can destroy the original harmony present in your dog’s body, and can be harmful to your dog. Excessive stress on a dog’s body, for example, may result in alterations in their breathing pattern. If their breathing becomes shallower, your dog may experience muscular tension, lightheadedness, and dizziness, because of too much carbon dioxide in the blood, and too little oxygen. This stress can create stiff joints and muscles. Is your dog’s health being put in jeopardy in this way?


A certified canine fitness trainer, Olga will develop a targeted running plan for you and your dog to achieve specific results. She will provide a customized fitness program that addresses the specific needs of your dog – addressing training, exercise, and overall health – while you too are achieving your running goals, from 5K races to marathons.

How does it work:

After paying and registering, you’ll be asked to complete a personal assessment for both yourself and your dog; this will provide the information needed to begin the development of your customized training plan. The plan is based on the health and running abilities of you and your dog, along with your goals, your life schedule, and your dog's breed and age.


Based on your assessment, Olga will develop your training plan and email it to you. Your training plan will conform to the classic schedule used by most athletes. You will find it contains your daily and weekly goals, along with instructions for your dog’s training.


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What's included:
  • A health and running history evaluation

  • A unique personal training plan for you and your dog

     - Based on the health and running abilities of you and your dog
     - Customized to your goals

     - Formulated with your dog's breed, age, and fitness level in mind.

  • Training tips for running with your dog

  • Tips for exercising, health, and life performance

  • An Email newsletter


A personalized training plan makes sure you’re doing the right workouts and the right mileage to help you reach your goals. Take the confusion out of training, and don’t be frustrated by oversimplified training advice that is not personalized for your dog.


Let renowned certified fitness expert Olga Zuberg, author of Running for Dogs, coach you and your dog.
Customer Testimonials

"Finally, a personalized training plan for ME AND MY DOG. I feel more confident and motivated. I was  unsure of how much and how far to run with my dog. Now my doubts are over. Thank you so much!"



"I started running with my small dog (Terrier mix) and I started with Running for Dogs. I feel like our training have reached a new level. Our training plan is designed by the expert and takes into account my dog's size. It is all laid out for me ahead of time, so I’m not confused and know exactly what I should and shouldn’t do."