Running with Puppies

The most extensive and comprehensive guide to preparing your puppy for a running career that you'll find anywhere.

Running with dogs is becoming a very popular sport in dog-friendly countries, and is growing not just in North America but elsewhere around the world. If you have a healthy dog, it is never too late to start running together, but what do you do before they are old enough to run long distances?


To prepare for the road ahead, you need a strong foundation, a bond, and relentless motivation. That's why I have written this guide – to empower you with the building blocks to discover your puppy's potential.


There are plenty of guides on raising puppies. From books to video tutorials, you really can take your pick. And there are a few books out there that talk about running with adult dogs – my book, Running for Dogs: Unleashing Your Best Fitness Partner, included. However, I have often felt that something was missing, that we needed a guide that really starts at the beginning. I wanted to equip owners of puppies, that already know that they will run with their dog as soon as they are old enough, with a healthy balance of strategic and practical advice. My book Running with Puppies answers this need, and closes the gap.

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