5 Reasons Why Dogs Love Running (A Dog’s Point of View)

Why dogs love running

Picture a dog running for a moment. No matter what the occasion – chasing a friend, catching a Frisbee, or just going to the kitchen – their faces are full of joy. They seem to prefer running to walking. Here are 5 reasons why my dog says she loves running with me.

5. We do it together! Usually, I get to do the whole job myself: I fetch the ball, I dig holes, I sniff, and I play with my friends… All the while you’re just watching. I mean, I get that life with two legs must be tough… but you have to embrace it! On our runs you are not just an observer – we do it together! It makes me feel like we are a team!

4. You seem to care about it a lot! You get all dressed up and ready. I really enjoy being a part of something important!

3. Cool stuff happens on our runs! I meet new friends. I swim in the lake. I get a treat every time! I like cool stuff!

2. It’s just you and me. I get to spend time with you. You show me what to do and lead the way. It makes me feel calmer and more content.

1. I get to experience different things and places! No matter where we run – on the beach, on the trail, or along a country road – there is something new every time! I discover the fascinating scent of a dead squirrel! I hear some curious noises in the bush! I taste all kinds of poop! I see so many new things! It makes me feel fulfilled.


Give your dog a job, a hobby or simply a way to drain access energy.

Running for Dogs

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