Announcing a brand new book for dog lovers: Running for Dogs

After hours of painstaking research, many miles of running, and tons of play, my new book – Running for Dogs – is finally here!

If you’ve ever considered running with your dog, and were in need of a comprehensive, but straightforward guide, this is it.

This book covers, section by section, all the major components of running with your dog. I tested everything out on my dog and myself first so you don’t have to! In the “Training” section, for example, I talk about taking an inexperienced, untrained dog to superb performance levels, starting with gradually increasing the duration, volume and intensity of each run, and then adding strength and speed, all the while keeping your dog motivated and injury-free. And what was the end result of this program on my dog? That 90% of my dog’s behavioral problems have disappeared. She is an altogether healthier, happier pooch.

Here is the back cover:

If this book sounds interesting or appealing to you, please take a moment to order it today.

To media, bloggers, and others:

Do you have a column, show, podcast, blog audience, or follower list? Are you interested in doing a feature, an article, or posting an excerpt? Please let me know. There is a ton of material available here, including graphics, images, and videos.

Thank you all so much – your support is very much appreciated!

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Give your dog a job, a hobby or simply a way to drain access energy.

Running for Dogs

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